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You Need an Education

and now you are going to get one!

by Jim Stone, former NSA employee & freelance journalist

israel-911911 was not done by Muslims. Al Quaida is a CIA creation. This was publicly announced by a CIA whistleblower Richard Clarke and other reliable sources. The people running scams like Al Quaida have a code of ethics, of which a part of is to inform those they are scamming with creations such as Al Quaida that they are being lied to. It’s up to the scammed to find that report, and then realize it’s all a lie, AND THEN TAKE ACTION TO STOP THE LIE.

They did plenty to tell the people the truth about 911, but also mixed that truth in with a mountain of Islamic terror lies to keep the SHEEP out there wrapped up in a falsely founded hatred towards Muslims. They now have the people in Mexico fighting phony U.S. funded enigma terrorists who are running around with quatzequatel among the leaf ants in pygmie country. There is no Iranian terror plot in Chiapas.

Larry Silverstein, a Zionist Jew who was the owner of the World Trade Center complex via a 99 year lease, put a five billion dollar insurance contract on the place, rigged it with demolition explosives, and then for the political purpose of pissing off Americans enough to blow up Arabs to increase oil profits, had the Mossad electronically hijack a bunch of airplanes and fly them into the place. This provided a plausible cover for setting off the demolition charges so he could destroy the buildings and collect on his insurance.

This was an enormous effort by the Mossad, Larry and others, and included deceptions at the highest level, a deception made possible by dual citizens who pledge their alliegances to a foregn power while operating witin the U.S. government.  For example, the U.S. military did not respond to the first three planes, because they were running an anti terror drill at the time, which covered the exact same scenario as what was really happening, and believed the news reports were a hollywood creation. How would this be possible, without a government that had been infiltrated and compromised at the highest levels? But one air force pilot was on the phone with his family in New York, and his family told him it was all REALLY HAPPENING.

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