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This page is dedicated to help people understand the health risks and privacy assault that Smart Meters represent. Independent health researchers, electricians and electronic experts have been coming forward to educate the public on this issue. They are donating their time to overcome the propaganda being fed to the public from the government/corporate/NGO alliances (Public Private Partnerships) that are pushing this ‘dangerous technology’ called Smart Meters.


Scientific expert explains Smart Meter technology: The Dark Side of Smart Meters


Comments from Harvard Public Health physician


Smart Meters are not even legal (read more)

Smart Meter Notice of Non-consent


Public Private Partnerships and Smart Meters (read more)

Walter McGinnis is part of the EMR Health Alliance of British Columbia


Public meeting and discussion panel on Smart Meter technology


Pulsing radiation from Smart Meters


Smart Meter impact on wildlife – and the impact of foil on Smart Meters


Smart Meter handout

What Power Companies are Not Telling the Public!


Recommended web sites:


Electromagnetic Radiation Safely


EMR Health Alliance of British Columbia

Electrical Pollution

People for Safe Technologies


12 responses to “SMART METERS


  2. What about Notice of Liability concerning Trespassing Technology? Click on Templates to see our lawful documents. Check it out!

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  4. I am paying extra monthly NOT to have the smart meter.

  5. I am in pge territory, have opted out of the meter swap. I seem to be the only customer in my locale having done so. The human meter reader has recently been reduced to visiting every other month, and pge sends an estimated bill for the months unread. The estimated bill for November ’14 was 535.00, the human-read bill for December was 15.00. Considering the outrageous rate charged for kwh above the lowest 2 tiers, this inaccuracy gets expensive. Prepare yourself for the wait to phone in a complaint, but they seem to be getting a few for billing adjustments. (Tip, say gibberish at the robot prompts to get connected or you will be discouraged by the phone system).
    Other utilities bill bimonthly, tiered usage simply doubled. I had hoped that pge figured it out. My January estimated bill: $700. My guess as to actual usage is 1/10th that (minimum rate is ~17c/kwh, max ~34). Never have I been more encouraged to generate my own electrons.

  6. idont really care

    wat wat about cell phones. they out put 3 times the radiation tthaan a smart meter does. or CRT screen those things shoot raay of energy striaght through tthe viewer an dont get me going on the flat screen lcd panells we all have in sitting in front of us all.

  7. we are the 99% a simple countermeasure you can use and very cheep find a old vhs tape take it apart take the magnetic tape on the spool and wrap it around a piece of cardboard close together then take any kind of tape and tape over the magnetic tape now you have a shield that will fragment any RF signal. if they remove it simply put another one on. get every one to do this and they fail we win. the meter aint that smart .

  8. All governments have had the ablity to do things the public doesnt see or need to know since the beginning .
    I’m just a simple man trying live a life and stay out of any people that’s of the high ups way.I am a christian and keep my opinion of elected officials to my self because I have a son that is serving in the military that I taught him to up hold his code above all and don’t question or have a opinion .My son will serve his country well and become very successful. As for me and family we will continue to live so we are of no concern of the elite .My life is so busy just trying to make ends meet that I once went thru induction of Freemasons but had not the time to learn the degrees. I also missed my chance to direct , guide and dispatch incoming and out going shipments for a contractor in the middle east so I accept my fate as a plain working man that will only be rich by love of family. If you are not of the 13 bloodline I advise you live a low profile life and stay out of there way.

    • Have not you noticed that staying out of their way is pretty darn near impossible? When they put a Smart Meter on your home, they can surveil you while they shower you with EMR. Few people will be permitted to remain off of the Smart Grid, once it is completed.

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