Are we volunteering prematurely to be organ donors?

  • Did you say yes to having “organ donor” placed on your driver’s license?
  • Did you sign a “do not resuscitate” form on your loved one’s behalf?
  • Did you create “advanced directives” for your own medical record?

While the above actions seem benevolent or compassionate to most of us, they can all be interpreted as giving consent for organ removal . . . prematurely. In a significant number of instances men, women and even children, who might have recovered from their injury or illness in time, have their lives terminated instead so their vital organs can be inserted into someone else. As barbaric as this sounds, it is going on in many hospitals across America . . . and beyond. Organ transplantation is a big money maker for both the hospitals and the physicians engaged in this so-called life saving enterprise.

Dr. Paul A. Bryne, M.D. has been exposing the borderline criminality regarding organ transplantation for many years. His research is impeccable and his conclusions – frightening as they may be – are extremely valid. He has compiled lots of important documentation on his web site: Truth About Organ Donation.


6 responses to “Are we volunteering prematurely to be organ donors?

  1. Seems like they are stealing the organs anyway, so I signed up to donate so that maybe someones child will live. Now I’m thinking maybe I made a mistake?

  2. God bless the people who r dead dying and god bless us all

  3. This shits gotta piss u off when your seeing sick girls and boys that r having major problems an these people make me sick. If they r trying to kill us all, i don’t know about anyone.You gotta get over the fear of the power they have because if i’m going to die i’m gonna die like a real american. So what if they have machines and stuff we r smart people to.Most of u are street smart and we do have alot to lose les get r freedom back. If im going to die its going to be on my feet. We can’t just sit here and keep letting them do this. Let everyone in communities in towns and cities.

  4. These companies are putting stuff in the air to lower r imune systems ,giving poeple small pox with flue shots,putting poison in the water,in r foods, and making everyone sick. I’m getting a lawyer and sueing them for commiting mass murder.

  5. I would never consent to organ donation. Not in a million years. If I needed an organ, I would die waiting for it because I’m not rich. So why would I surrender my organs so a rich person may live?

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